January 20, 2022

Learn How to Deal with a Charging Opponent in the Street or Ring – Personal Defense World

Whether it is a street fight or boxing match, it is not unusual for an opponent to charge. To clarify, I am not talking about shooting for the legs, like in MMA. I will cover that at a later date. I’m talking about an opponent that is charging, throwing a flurry of punches, and learning how to deal with it.

Learn How to Deal with a Charging Opponent

To start, as with any defensive measure, keep your guard up. This is especially true when your opponent is not a trained or experienced fighter because they tend to flail. Flailing hands are hard to deal with because there is no knowing where they are going. However, when dealing with a trained or experienced fighter, you understand the structure and what to expect.

Next focus on the footwork. You don’t want to meet a charging opponent head-on because then it becomes force on force. Not to mention he is actively throwing blows. Dealing with someone charging at you is a simple matter of movement.

For many, it is a natural reaction to move backward when someone is moving towards them. However, you cannot move backward as quickly as your opponent can move forward. It is a matter of simple mechanics. Likewise, you do not know what is behind you and you may corner yourself or trip, making matters worse.

When someone is charging at you, always move to the side and pivot to stay facing them. You can also do a quick back step before you sidestep. This will help create a little more distance while you move to the side. But as mentioned above, it is not a backward momentum but a lateral one.

When you move to the side it disrupts your opponent’s energy, especially if he is committed. By stepping to the side, you force your opponent to stop, reorient, and start over. In addition to disrupting his attack, you place yourself at his side momentarily. Thus, presenting you an opportunity to take offensive measures.

Don’t worry if he keeps charging, you just keep sidestepping until you find the opportunity to strike and take the momentum.

Keep it real and stay safe.

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