January 20, 2022

Biden Keeps Gun Control Efforts Front and Center During the Holidays – Personal Defense World

While spending most of his time badgering Americans who don’t believe vaccines should be mandated to a free people, President Joe Biden maintains his gun control efforts. In fact, he recently took time out of his schedule to brag about his “historic efforts to reduce gun violence.”

Biden Maintains His Gun Control Efforts

Last week, the White House released a lengthy “fact sheet” boasting about Biden’s first-year gun control efforts.

“During President Biden’s first year in office, the Biden-Harris Administration has made more progress on executive actions to reduce gun violence than any other Administration has in its first year,” the White House statement says. “The President is using the tools at his disposal to address the epidemic of gun violence that our country has faced for far too long—including stepped up law enforcement efforts, cracking down on ghost guns, and directing historic levels of funding to put more cops on the beat for community-oriented policing and expanding community violence interventions.”

Biden’s anti-gun victories so far have actually been meager. However, the document highlights his continued wish list for further gun bans and other restrictions. From a continued push for so-called “red-flag” laws to further targeting AR arm braces, Biden wants more rights drastically curtailed.

The document highlights Biden’s repeated calls to Congress to pass what he calls “common-sense gun legislation.” In fact, most of the actions he continues to push are direct infringements on the Second Amendment.

Specifically mentioned are the following restrictions:

Violence Against Women Act

Of course, fighting violence against women is admirable, and we need legitimate legislation targeting it. Using the measure to sneak in gun control, including a so-called “red-flag” law that violates law-abiding Americans’ right to keep and bear arms and due process, is not. And that’s what the new compromise VAWA measure would do.

Assault Weapon Ban

Biden continues calling for a law to ban certain semi-automatic rifles—in fact, America’s most popular rifle. This, despite the fact that it fires one shot for every trigger pull. Just like semi-auto rifles he is not seeking to ban. Of course, the United States had such a ban back in the 1980s, and it didn’t prove to have any effect at slowing violent crime. Consequently, Congress allowed the law to sunset after 10 years.

Magazine Capacity Limit

Biden and other anti-gun politicians continue to try to ban firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. A measure that has proven ineffective in California where such a ban continues to face court battles. The ban would even include the magazines used with nearly all semi-automatic pistols used and carried for self-defense purposes.

Federal/State “Red-Flag” Laws

Red-flag laws sound good in theory. But so far nobody has figured out how to institute one that doesn’t infringe on the right to due process. These proposals, which Biden wants to see instituted federally as well as in every state possible, all allow the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens without due process. Many without the accused even knowing such an action is even being considered.

Repealing PLCA

This is the big dog on the Biden wish list. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was passed to stop big-city mayors from suing the firearms industry into oblivion. At the time, anti-gun mayors were attempting to do just that, using litigation to drive manufacturers to financial ruin. Biden would like to see this repealed so firearms manufacturers could again face this “death by a thousand cuts.”

Of course, one of Biden’s actions that would have made a tremendous difference for gun owners, and which the document failed to mention, was his nomination of anti-gunner David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). As most readers know, pro-gun groups, lawmakers and advocates banned together and forced Biden to withdraw that horrible nomination.

Make no mistake, though. Biden has big plans for our Second Amendment rights, and they certainly don’t involve expanding those liberties. With diligence, we can hold on long enough to win back sizable majorities in the House and Senate next year. This will allow the ability to continue battling the president’s anti-gun schemes.

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