January 20, 2022

Dr. Oz Supports Gun Control in Opposition to Republican Party – Personal Defense World

Longtime friend of gun control advocate Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz is entering the Pennsylvania Senate race. However, what is looking to be a “fox in the hen house” scenario, Oz is running on the Republican ticket. Although his campaign rhetoric sounds conservative, his stance on red flag laws does not. Even though Dr. Oz supports gun control, according to his own words and actions, it is not a part of his campaign messaging.

Dr. Oz Supports Gun Control

Although Dr. Oz is being called out on social media as supporting many Democrat agendas, his gun control advocacy is really haunting him. Notably, he calls for anonymous red flag reporting in the above video, from 2019, at approximately the 3:53 mark.

In the video he states, “The issue of being anonymous is, for me, vital. If someone’s already dangerous, a co-worker, you don’t want to make yourself a target by telling everyone I think you’re dangerous. Right?”

He continues by asking for a show of hands of audience members who would be more comfortable with anonymous reporting. While some raise their hands, many nod in agreement.

He finishes by saying, “Part of the hope, I gather, is that we’ll make a system so that I can call in and say ‘There’s evidence besides my testimony that this person is dangerous. Look at their Facebook feed or social media postings. Or comments they’ve made to coworkers beside me. Do a little investigating. I’m alerting you, putting a little red flag up there saying this person is a concern.”

According to a Fox News report, “Oz has been an outspoken advocate for gun-control policies in the past, promoting a call from the American College of Physicians for a ban on semi-automatic weapons. Oz has also historically championed so-called “red flag” laws, which would allow the government to confiscate guns from individuals without proof of malicious intent.”

An Odd Campaign

As mentioned, Dr. Oz is running on the Republican ticket, claiming that “America needs a Conservative Republican to cure what’s wrong with Washington.”

However, his words and actions of the past seem to counter the ideals of the conservative Republican party. Namely, his support for the #ThisIsOurLane campaign, advocating for greater restrictions on firearm purchases in the United States. The campaign counters a message from the NRA telling doctors pushing gun purchase restrictions to “stay in their lane.”

Equally important to keep our eyes on, is a message from Dr. Oz in 2018 calling for the CDC to receive funding to research gun violence. The past two years have demonstrated what happens when our government labels something a “national health crisis.” Nothing good follows. Which, for me, calls into question ulterior motives. Maybe gun control was too hard to tackle as the good doctor, but not so for a senator.

In light of his past support for gun control, it seems odd that the list of issues on his website ignores the Second Amendment.

He seems to be talking a good game in his campaign, but his historical policy advocation suggests otherwise. With this in mind, considering his public stance on the Second Amendment, and other issues, this whole thing reeks of a Trojan RINO.

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