December 1, 2021

Uberti Cowboy Guns

Uberti was first started in Italy in 1959 by Aldo Uberti and was eventually bought out by Beretta in 2000. When he first started the company, Aldo Uberti wanted to make sure that old firearms from the 19th-century would not be forgotten, so he created the distinct brand of Uberti Cowboy Guns. 

Since then, Uberti has been producing recreations of old guns, using a blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. The result is a new handgun that offers the same performance that you would expect from other, modern-looking firearms, but with the romantic look and feel of an old cowboy gun.  

Since Uberti Cowboy Guns are produced using modern equipment and methods, every firearm is made to a very high quality. Uberti Cowboy Guns also have the exact same dimensions as their original 19th-century counterparts. 

No Uberti Cowboy Gun should be called a “replica” since they are brand new products that are styled after older guns. These new guns will perform very similarly to the old ones, thanks to Uberti’s use of high-quality materials and modern production methods, but they are far more reliable than the originals. Uberti Cowboy Guns are built to resemble 19th-century guns, but Uberti also offers models that have a modern look and feel. 

Some of the Uberti Cowboy Guns are made for traditional black powder but they also offer models that are adapted for modern cartridge ammunition. Uberti Cowboy Gun models are made from numerous materials, such as brass and stainless steel. Uberti’s U41 model is one of the most popular Uberti Cowboy Guns since it is available in both .45 Colt and .44-40 calibers. 

The 1860 Army Revolver is another incredibly popular model that recreates the most famous firearm ever manufactured by Colt. It was used by the US Army for years, and now you can have one of your very own. 

In 2019, they added two models to their Outlaws and Lawmen Range; This line recreates firearms that were used by some of the most iconic figures from the cowboy era like Jesse James and Doc Holiday. 

They also offer over 100 different models of the 1873 Single Action Army handgun. They come in a variety of barrel lengths, grip styles, chamberings, finishes, and engravings. 

Although many people are first attracted to Uberti Cowboy guns because of the way that they look, they are not disappointed by the function either. Any new handgun that you purchase from Uberti will be made using modern materials and methods, where necessary, so they perform brilliantly. They are accurate and reliable when you are out on the range, and you will look the part too. 

If you are a firearm enthusiast and you are looking for a new handgun that is unique and unlike anything else you can find on the market right now, Uberti Cowboy Guns are perfect. They are so close to the original firearms they emulate, but they’re not just for show, they are also excellent high-performance handguns. So, whether you are a collector or you are looking for your first new handgun, you should give the Uberti Cowboy range a look. 

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