November 28, 2021

Taurus TX22 Competition

The Taurus TX22 Competition is a re-engineered version of their previous award-winning pistol. It is specifically designed to perform brilliantly in a competition setting and every feature has been painstakingly crafted to give you an edge over everybody else on the range. 

When designing this new handgun, Taurus wanted to deliver an excellent pistol without the hefty price tag, and they have certainly delivered on that. No other handgun on the market can match the same level of performance for such a low price. 

The full-polymer frame is designed to handle the rugged demands of competition shooting. Taurus opted for a longer barrel which was designed to improve accuracy whilst keeping recoil to a minimum. The 5-inch bull barrel is threaded, so you are able to fit a suppressor if you like. But when not using a suppressor, the thread also acts as a compensator. 

The TX22 also features Taurus’ signature Taurus Security System, which allows you to store your handgun in a safe manner while still remaining ready to fire at any moment. 

The Taurus TX22 Competition is of course chambered in .22 LR and Taurus have included factory-installed fixed white dot front sights and fully-adjustable white dot rear sight. The breech end is designed to accept a base mounting plate. The TX22 comes with 2 additional adapter plates so you have the option of 4 different mounting patterns. 

The lightweight rail allows for mounting accessories such as flashlights or laser sights. The Taurus TX22 Competition also features Taurus’ ergonomic rubber grip, which provides additional comfort when shooting for extended periods of time. Taurus also included a standard T-6 style magazine release button and a left-handed trigger guard. 

The signature indexing and recoil management pad on the Taurus TX22 Competition was designed to make it easier for you to place your hand in the correct position and achieve an excellent grip when shooting. Taurus has also added a textured surface which provides a firmer, more consistent purchase when shooting at longer distances. Taurus have specifically engineered the Taurus TX22 Competition with both male and female shooters in mind. 

The trigger system is different from what you will find on any other Taurus handgun. The single-action, striker-fired trigger feels incredibly smooth and the break is very crisp, making it a joy to fire. 

The Taurus TX22 Competition weighs in at just 23 ounces and it is 8.15 inches in length, making Taurus’ new handgun very lightweight and easy to handle in a competition setting. 

However, the Taurus TX22 Competition is not just suited to competitive shooters. It’s an excellent all-around performer for a reasonable price, so it’s ideal if you want an affordable option for self defense. 

The Taurus TX22 Competition is a great option for any shooter who wants to test their mettle in competition but doesn’t want to spend an arm and leg on a new handgun that they may or may not pursue in the long run. Having said that, even experienced competition shooters will be impressed with the performance of the excellent Taurus TX22 Competition handgun. 

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