December 2, 2021

More Custom Upgrades for the Springfield Armory XD

Just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about upgrading the Springfield Armory XD pistols, there’s more to be done to these great pistols to make a superb pistol even better!!

A pair of customized Springfield XD pistols
Customizing a pistol like the Springfield Armory XD allows a shooter to make it unique and improve his or her performance.

In a past article and video, we upgraded the basic Springfield Armory XD-9 pistol with Springer Precision custom parts. On the first pistol we added the following:

  • XD Trigger Kit
  • Striker
  • Extractor
  • Ejector
  • Magazine Release
  • Grip Safety
  • 1911 Spring Guide Rod
  • Colored Striker Retaining Plate
  • Cocked Indicator Guide
  • Base Pads
XD pistol with upgraded parts
When choosing how to upgrade your XD, consider what function the modification will serve and if there are any potential downsides to the change.

For our second XD project, we decided we wanted a different look on a Springfield Armory XD in the manstopping .45 ACP, a slightly different pistol, but the same high-quality parts and manufacturing. Check out the video above and keep reading the article below.

Looking Inside

First, the internal parts. The heart and soul of every firearm is its internal mechanism, especially the fire control parts. For our project, we used the Springer Precision XD Trigger Kit. This easy-to-install kit will give the shooter a shorter, lighter and crisper trigger pull.

Springer Precision XD Trigger Kit
A Springer Precision XD Trigger Kit was installed in the XD .45 ACP pistol. As with any upgrade, make sure you thoroughly test the part after installation.

The next Springer Precision part we installed was the Slide Racker – Carry/Duty. This machined aluminum part replaces the Striker Retaining Plate, and this version was designed for Carry/Duty purposes so the shooter can easily grasp the racker or rack the slide with one hand placing the racking lever in a pocket, table or belt.

One of the most important upgrades I find on a Carry/Duty pistol is a Tactical/Extended Magazine release, and that is just what we added to our project. The part is the Springer Extended Magazine Release. This great steel machined part even though originally designed for competition will help you with your magazine changes. This is a part that I would always add to any pistol build.

Coming to Grips

Now, for the grip. The Springfield Armory XD series of pistols has one of the most ergonomic and well-textured grips in the industry, but like always, I like to customize, so I reached out to Robar Customs and had Henry there texture the grip and add a beavertail to it. The texturing will add an extra layer of “grippiness” to the pistol and the Custom Beavertail will allow the shooter to get a higher grip on the pistol without the fear of getting “slide bite.”

Robar grip texture on XD pistol
The grip was retextured for added “grippiness” by Henry of Robar Customs. The work also adds a distinctive look to the pistol.

For our finish, we did NP3, this finish used to be done by Robar Guns, but now it’s done by Wright Armory. Follow that link to get details on the finish and all the benefits of NP3.

In Our Sights

Our final step was installing new sights for this project, and we went with Ameriglo Night Sights. There’s quite a bit of variety with sights, so the sky is the limit, the shooter can choose from several sights to fit his or her needs and tastes!

AmeriGlo sights on XD pistol
The installed AmeriGlo rear sight can be seen above the Carry/duty rear plate from Springer Precision.


There you have it, another pistol, another set of great modifications. The Springfield Armory XD line of pistols are great as they ship from the factory, but they also make a great canvas to create a custom masterpiece!

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