November 28, 2021

Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Pistol – Firearm Man

About Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson was founded back in 1852 since then they’ve been on a mission to provide Americans with a sense of security and safety. First, Horace Smith and D.B Wesson created a partnership to produce firearms with ‘fully self-contained cartridges’. It was in 1857 that they created the model 1, the first cartridge revolver. One of the newest additions to the Smith & Wesson gun range is the new M&P 15-22 Pistol. The new pistol has fast gained an excellent reputation, so what exactly is so special about it?

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Pistol

The Smith Wesson M&P has a receiver-mounted safety lever, a shell deflector, and a functioning charging handle. The new pistol includes an ‘SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Arm Brace with Closure Strap’, and a ‘Full-Length Picatinny-style Rail,’ (Smith & Wesson, 2021). The pistol features a flash suppressor as part of the threaded barrel and a sling swivel attachment point.

The new Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Pistol arrives with an 8-inch barrel, the gun measures in at 25.4 inches when it’s extended. The pistol is marketed as a home defense weapon, according to PDW, the firearm is also suitable as, ‘a truck gun, trainer, or a fun plinker for a day on the range,’ (PDW, 2020).

The receiver is made of polymer, meaning that the gun stays pretty lightweight. The overall weight of the new pistol is just 53.6 ounces. If you’re looking for a light and accurate pistol, you’ll certainly be impressed with the M&P15-22.

New And Improved Pistol

Gun enthusiasts everywhere were delighted to hear that the Smith & Wesson brought back the M&P 15-22 pistol. The gun was discontinued a few years back, and now the brand has brought a new and improved version. The controls are the same, yet there are clear differences, (such as the new arm brace and the barrel length). If you’re looking for a compact and top-quality gun, the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Pistol is a great offering.

The new Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Pistol is more versatile and shorter than the M&P15-22 rifles. The pistol features the semi-automatic blowback, a Picatinny rail, and a traditional AR-style grip.

How to choose the right pistol?

When you’re choosing a new pistol there are many considerations to make. Here are a few key ideas to guide you:

  • Think about why you want a gun, (whether for self-defense or hunting). 
  • Read up on gun reviews, to get the low-down.
  • Find a good brand with a solid reputation in the industry.
  • Remember that safety comes first, you’ll need to learn how to handle your gun.
  • It’s best to try out a few guns before you make a final decision.

All in all, the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Pistol is a fine choice for a new pistol. The brand has an excellent reputation for producing top-quality firearms. If you’re not sold on the M&P15-22 Pistol, check out the other range of guns that Smith & Wesson has to offer.

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