December 2, 2021

Nighthawk VIP Agent 2

The VIP Agent 2 is a limited edition pistol created by Nighthawk Custom, Turnbull Restoration, and Agency Arms. Every single pistol produced has a completely unique look due to the mammoth ivory grips. They are created using a hardening technique that has been around for centuries, and it always produces a one-of-a-kind design. But even though the unique design is one of the main selling points, it has all of the modern features that you expect to find in a new handgun, making it a great display piece as well as a high-performance pistol that serves you well in a range of situations. 

The government size frame is large enough to house the 8 capacity, and it is created using a stainless steel that has been treated in such a way so as to appease lovers of classic guns. It looks great with its blued finish, but the polished accents give it a unique look thanks to many hours of hand polishing.

The Heine Black Ledge rear sight and 18-carat Gold Bead front sight combo makes for excellent accuracy. The rear sight is adjustable so as to make sure that it meets the needs of every shooter. 

Next, you can find a solid trigger that has been tuned so as to give the shooter the best performance possible regardless of their skill level. The 0.38 super stainless steel firing pin is a nice touch, and it helps to ensure that the firing pin continues working flawlessly for many years.

The lightened recon rail is ideal for mounting accessories such as a flashlight, and the three-dot sights are great for making sure that you can keep your weapon steady even when shooting at long range.

The 5-inch barrel is ideal for keeping the handgun relatively compact while still making sure that it offers some serious velocity. You can use either a single stack or double stack magazine with this pistol, but a single stack is far more common.

The handcrafted grips help to ensure that you always have an easy time aiming because they are so simple. They also look spectacular thanks to the mammoth ivory grips. It is hard to believe that the pistol will survive a heavy recoil because it has been fitted with such large grips, but the durable design plays an important role in this regard.

The Nighthawk VIP Agent 2 weighs in at 39.6 ounces empty, so it is not the lightest pistol on the market. However, it more than makes up for this with the amazing aesthetic and excellent performance. 

If you are looking for a new handgun that looks incredible, is completely unique, and performs brilliantly, the Nighthawk VIP Agent 2 is one of the best pistols on the market right now. It may not be the best choice for everyday concealed carry, but if you are a collector and you want to invest in a special display piece, that you can still have fun with at the range, you should definitely add this to your repertoire.

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